Strong Branding

Dont Get Lost In The Ocean
Get Noticed ! Don't Fit In, Fit Out ...

We love helping small to medium companies look good.
A strong brand helps you stand out and get noticed. We make
sure your customers can easily identify what you do.

Brand Visibility

Your branding only gets one chance. The moment a customer views your brand they make a subconscious decision. That decision is whether you look professional and trustworthy.

You may provide an excellent service, but if you don't look professional then your potential customer probably won't consider utilising your service or product.  The old cliche " First impressions last" is very true when it comes to branding.

 That first impression can be greatly enhanced with superior branding. 

Brand Research

There are several factors we consider when putting your brand together, like .... what does your competition look like ? what are the are best colours to utilise ? how do we communicate what you offer clearly? and where will your branding appear?

We consider many angles and give suggestions as to what style, tone and colour to apply and create a brand that is clear, easy to identify and resonates with your target audience.

Researching your brand is important in sending the right message to your customers.

Our Design Process

We keep you in the loop form start to finish of the branding process.


Discuss and ask you relevant questions to understand your needs. Once we have a baseline to work with, then we research your competition and branding styles that will fit what you are looking for.


Based on the research we have done we are now able to create the first design draft for your branding. The time required to complete this phase will depend on the size of the project we are designing for you.


This phase is critical in deciding if the design, tone, fonts and layout of the branding is going in the right direction. Your feedback and your input on the first design draft for the next phase of design is important to us.


We make small or large adjustments to the design and submit it for review. We may go back and forth a few times till you are 100% happy with the design. Generally, we allow for 2 -3 reviews and adjustments to finalise.


Once the design of your branding is completed we submit it to you electronically for printing, distribution or your own use. We include the design files as well for safe keeping and future use on new projects.

Client Feedback

Design Services

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