How to promote your brand in the modern era


Advertising has long remained an invaluable marketing strategy for businesses across the world who wishes to be successful and enjoy considerable growth within their respective industry. The ever-increasing competitive nature of the global business market creates a growing need for companies to be vigilant in their efforts to promote themselves within the public domain and…

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12 Ways To Market Your Brand Better


1. Vehicle Branding When you think of paid advertising, this option is probably one of the best once off thing you can do for your brand. It must be done well of course and not cheaply, but the result is: you are a moving signboard that sells when you are stuck in traffic, park your…

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Social Media – 5 Ways To Share Content


Sharing content with your audience, customers or potential customers is a great way to generate interest in your field of expertise whether it be a particular service, business solution or industry related information. There is quite a broad scope of ways to share content online, perhaps as you go through some of them you will…

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Why a WordPress Website Steamrolls the Competition


Discover Why a WordPress Website is an absolute must for your online presence. You’re Probably Thinking To Yourself… My business is growing slower than I anticipated. I make just enough to cover my monthly costs, but not enough to go on holiday when ever I want. I could really do with a constant flow of…

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Cheap Marketing Strategy Cuts Corners & Profits


Do you want to know how to put a really cheap marketing strategy that’s quick, easy and works like a dream? If you answered “No” then you know there is no such thing. If you answered “Yes” then you haven’t burned your fingers enough and felt the pain of disappointment from a bad marketing decision.…

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The 7 Stumbling Blocks of Poor Website Performance


Creating a website for your organisation is not cheap and often an investment you hope will yield results. Like all assets, they are only of worth if they perform, meaning you actually get queries generated from your website. I don’t know about you but if I paid big bucks for a website and got no…

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Customers Are Your Best Referrals


We work with a lot of small to medium businesses and one of the most common obstacles they face is trying to generate more referrals. It seems that most of the time we keep chasing our tails, wondering how others get so many referrals and thinking… Surely there is an easier way. So we keep…

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9 Blog Post Ideas For Business

Coming up with fresh content is not always easy if you are in charge of a blog. And the better the blog becomes, the higher the expectations are from its readers. If you are a regular blogger, it may be challenging to think of new topics and ideas to blog about. Even I battle from…

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A strong web presence opens the door to success

No matter the size of your business, a strong web presence can make all the difference between total stagnation and substantial growth. If you haven’t yet recognised the importance of online marketing, think of your company website as a business card that quickly identifies who you are and what you offer. Whereas traditional business cards…

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