Cheap Marketing Strategy Cuts Corners & Profits


img-4Do you want to know how to put a really cheap marketing strategy that’s quick, easy and works like a dream?

If you answered “No” then you know there is no such thing.

If you answered “Yes” then you haven’t burned your fingers enough and felt the pain of disappointment from a bad marketing decision.

So seriously, what’s wrong with going for the cheapest prices?
After all, money is tight and I don’t have a large marketing budget. Right?

Ok fair enough. Let me ask you a question first ” Would you settle for a rusty boat with holes in it to take you on a 7-day cruise to the Bahama’s? “

Nope, you’d be sunk on day one! So I am going to lay it out in plain English for you – why price should not be the motivating aspect when putting together your marketing strategy and deciding where to spend your marketing budget.

Cheap Is Expensive

If you want your potential customers to take you seriously, you need to look seriously good. Yes, good customer service is important, but if your market strategy is having a clipart tacky logo, with cheap business cards and an ugly website sends off the wrong vibe.

You wouldn’t dare to buy a product from a dodgy salesman, or underground, back end shop would you?

“If you look cheap, people won’t take you seriously and you will always struggle for new business.”

Do Your Marketing Strategy Research

A large portion of the work we do is helping companies rebrand their image and get their marketing done.

And 99.9% of the time it is because they picked the wrong person to help them with their market strategy.

Don’t be in a hurry to get started, size up your competition.

Look at how they brand themselves, whether it be online or offline. Ask yourself what are they doing right in their marketing strategies?

“The competition is not your enemy, but an opportunity to learn about your business and make it better.”

Look For Social Proof

Before you decide which marketing company to go with to help you in your marketing strategy. Look for social proof.. in other words who says they are good besides themselves.

How? Look on their website for a portfolio or a testimonial section.
Phone their clients up and ask them. You can also check on social networks like LinkedIn to see if anyone else has recommended them.

Google their company name and look for results about them besides their website.

The results may sway your decision as to whether you should use them in your marketing plan.

“If there is no evidence that a company is offering a fantastic service, they are probably not!”

Conclusion – Common Sense Marketing

Marketing is not cheap… but with a little research, it can be reasonably priced. Rather save up a little and then pay the right person.

You can’t expect to charge high prices for your own products and buy others cheaply. If you offer a quality service, invest the money in looking the part – people will notice!

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