Customers Are Your Best Referrals


img-4We work with a lot of small to medium businesses and one of the most common obstacles they face is trying to generate more referrals.

It seems that most of the time we keep chasing our tails, wondering how others get so many referrals and thinking…

Surely there is an easier way.

So we keep trying to solve this dilemma, employing all kinds of stratagem to obtain new customers.

Some of the following questions tend to arise…

>> How can we market better to get more exposure ?
>> How do I even put money aside for marketing ?
>> How can we increase profits ?
>> How can we out perform our competitors ?

There are many standard answers that come to mind because we have been conditioned to follow conventional methods of marketing, for example:

>> Let’s spam the masses
>> Put an ad in the Magazine
>> Hand Out Flyers
>> Google Adwords
>> Put an ad in the NewsPaper, etc …

Hey! I am not saying that you must not market and use some form of advertising, I just think that one should use their greatest asset…

Happy Loyal Customers = Best Referrals

More than any other marketing avenue this one is least used, we keep churning out more and more customers month on month, many of whom would gladly recommend your service. The trick is to keep them happy, keep them engaged and keep them talking about you. But how… ?

Give Them Something For Free

Come again, something for free, why would i want to do that ? Because they are the most valuable marketing resource. Whats makes a happy customer so valuable and why would they send you referrals ?

They will talk about you to the people they know – for free. Their voice is one whom others will trust, peer recommendation is everything. You don’t have to convince potential customers… they will.

There are many creative ways you keep your loyal customers happy and willing to give you more referrals, that are cost effective. Some examples are blogging about solutions to the needs of your customers, engaging them on social media, running small competitions or offering discounts on repeat business.

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