Social Media – 5 Ways To Share Content


img-4Sharing content with your audience, customers or potential customers is a great way to generate interest in your field of expertise whether it be a particular service, business solution or industry related information.

There is quite a broad scope of ways to share content online, perhaps as you go through some of them you will see alternate ways deliver your message as opposed to using only one or two mediums.

The social media medium you select will also depend on what you would like to share and which medium would deliver your message best.

Ok so let’s explore some of them below:

1. Engaging Videos

Youtube a video sharing and viewing website is the 3 ranked website in the world according to top sites. This means millions of people everyday flock there to view videos, which is no surprise since nearly every working individual has a television in their home. I think we can safely say this medium is both powerful and effective. Creating video and uploading it online to share is both easy and far cheaper than television advertisements. All you need is a camera, which you can get relatively cheap at your local department store, your PC and an internet connection. Video can be placed on your website, blog, social network or online video channel. A well put together a video can help you audience gain trust in you and channel the end result you are trying to portray.

2.Audio and Podcasts

Mp3 players, iPods, cell phones, tablets, laptops, cars stereos, the list is quite long as where you can play audio. For many audios is both portable and easier to carry around with them than any other form of media. The list of recording audio devices is also quite diverse, which makes this medium quite valuable since production is easy and relatively quick. Like Videos, audio can be placed in various places where your presence is online. Audio is unique in that is easy to download shared offline. You can also allow users to preview or listen to your audio online.

3.Compelling Images

Images are a powerful way to explain a concept, illustrate your message in action and stimulate emotion. Most cell phones come with a camera these days that shoot pictures at a decent resolution so taking photos is a breeze. With a little customization and text, you can create concepts for advertising, showcase products or explain your services. There is also a vast amount of free images available on the internet to utilise and free programs to help optimise, resize and edit photos to create the effect you are looking for. Images are easy to download, share and organise on social media platforms.

4.Interactive PowerPoint Presentations

PowerPoint has traditionally been a “slide by slide” show and tells mechanism that is sequential and channels the readers or viewers attention to the point you are trying to make. Slideshare is a typical example of a social network built just on PowerPoint presentations. Like the other media discussed above  PowerPoint presentations can be uploaded and shared or displayed on websites or social platforms as a visual way to share your content. This medium can me made using Microsoft’s PowerPoint or even using Google docs free PowerPoint program in a matter of minutes and is a great medium to share content in a structured way.

5.Documents for Download

Documents are another medium which is in my opinion very underutilised. Downloadable documents are easy to read and share both off and online. Some ideas unique to this medium a creating user guides, quick help sheets and eBooks. Scribd is a great online social network to share your documents and has a vast community and range of topics. Documents whether in PDF or Word are easy to make available for download from your website or blog as a free resource and is an excellent medium to share content.

In Conclusion

Not all mediums work in all industries, so you are going to have to do a bit of trial of error and watch how your audience responds.  You may even consider trying to share content using a few of these mediums at the same time. For example, if you have a video to share, offer a PowerPoint version as well.  I suggest you look in our 9 Blog Post Ideas For Business article for some ideas on how to use these mediums.

Tell us what you tried or tested and what works for you…

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