A strong web presence opens the door to success


No matter the size of your business, a strong web presence can make all the difference between total stagnation and substantial growth.

If you haven’t yet recognised the importance of online marketing, think of your company website as a business card that quickly identifies who you are and what you offer.

Whereas traditional business cards only provide a limited view of your company to a small audience, your company website makes detailed information available to a virtually limitless audience 24 hours a day, every day.

In the past, truly effective advertising required substantial budgets that many small and medium-sized businesses couldn’t afford.

The Internet has changed that to an extent. Smaller enterprises can now compete with bigger industry players, giving them equal access to consumers.

As a marketing specialist for an online surety bond company, I know that a solid web presence can help you reach client bases you never before considered.

So, how will a strong web presence benefit my company?

There’s no doubt that consumers are changing the way they find businesses and purchase products.

In today’s technologically driven world, the yellow pages and newspaper advertising have become obsolete as web pages have become the most effective way to attract consumers.

E-commerce has also taken the place of the once-popular catalogue.

Consumers no longer have to drive to a store to evaluate a product or service.

Easy-to-access websites have become the norm for national chains, and smaller enterprises are now following suit.

An estimated 2.25 billion users have Internet access in today’s global climate, and the competition for their attention is fiercer now more than ever.

That said, you can’t just publish a website for your company and expect customers to find you on their own. The Internet doesn’t quite work like that.

Having an online presence won’t get you anywhere if you have poor website performance.

How can I start building a strong web presence?

Today’s consumers use the Internet to search for information about a product or service.

Web sites that make good first impressions hold consumers’ attention long enough to retain their interest.

When correctly implemented, a strong web presence can convert informational searches into sales.

A strong web presence quickly shows viewers what your enterprise offers, such as

  • valuable products/services
  • how to contact the company directly
  • relevant industry developments
  • other information that’s helpful to the consumer

Furthermore, the ever increasing accessibility of social media marketing allows entrepreneurs to establish promotional platforms for any business — for free.

Social media marketing allows business owners to establish fan bases easier than ever before.

My bet is that the businesses that will experience the greatest growth in the next decade will be the ones who continue to use the Internet to connect with current clients while also attracting new customers.

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