We look after our client's websites like prized possessions. We update, secure, maintain, improve and backup on a regular basis so they have peace of mind.

Website Hosting & Maintenance

There is a difference between hosting a website and taking care of a website. Most website hosting is sold to the masses at the cheapest rate to the customer without a thought of the implications to the client. Support is reactive and often very slow. Essentially you are sold some space online to showcase your website and that's it... 

As a result of this kind of service being offered, clients get frustrated, websites get hacked and costs rise. We believe there is a better way. We know you are trusting us to look after your website, make sure it's always online, that it's bringing in queries and that it's safe and secure.

This is why you need a partner that does more than just host your website. You need someone that monitors it, updates it, makes changes when requested and most importantly someone you can pick up the phone and talk to when problems arise. We don't like ticket systems any more than you do, which is why our clients call us and get instant help. 

If you are looking for personalised website care, technical support in non-geek speak and peace of mind knowing your website is backed up, online and secure you have come to the right place.

Tech Terms Explained


Website hosting is the space you rent online, to show your website on the internet.


Backups are copies of the website and emails and on a regular set schedule.


Your domain is the address your website is located at and must be renewed annually.


Is the content management system we build our websites on.


Themes are the structure that the layout, content and style is housed within.


Security are the measure put in place to ensure your website does not get hacked.


Plugins are add-ons to your website that give it extra functionality.


Staging is a testing phase of the website to ensure updates don't break your website.


Updates concern themes, plugins and content, keeping your website current and secure.


R200 /mo
  • This covers a 1 page website or landing page, sufficient hosting space, 3 email accounts, telephonic support, security and backups and minor textual changes.


R350 /mo
  • This covers a small business website, sufficient hosting space, 7 email accounts, telephonic support, security and backups and regular textual changes.


R550 /mo
  • This covers a medium business website, sufficient hosting space, 15 email accounts, telephonic support, security and backups and website and blog updates.


Custom /mo
  • Since eCommerce websites vary so greatly in size, update needs and support we encourage you talk with us so we can tailor a package suited to your needs.

All packages run a month to month basis, no contracts. You may, however, purchase hosting in 3 months, 6 months or annual blocks. 

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