Ready to sell your products online? eCommerce websites allow you to have a shop open 24/7. You can take payments, organise delivery and help customers all from the comfort of your office or home.

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We utilise Woocommerce and WordPress a perfect combination for a solution that is mobile friendly, scalable and local. All our eCommerce websites are built on a platform that is easy to edit and add on extra functions as your store grows and discovers new needs.


You can add several payment gateways to your store to incorporate a wide variety of payment options for your customers. Two main gateways we utilise are PayPal and payfast which allows for debit, credit, EFT and Mobile transactions from 4 of the major banks locally.


Once payment is made you can track all orders at the back end of the website, send notification and invoices to buyers. Buyers have their own login and profile. You can also add shipping costs to goods by quantity and area. All data is kept at the backend allowing you access to it at any time.


Prepare images of products for your eCommerce website by removing or replacing backgrounds, improving the quality of images through retouching, resizing images to the correct dimensions and finally optimising the size of the image without losing picture quality for quick loading times.


Add more features to your online store to enhance the consumer experience, such as live chat, table rate shipping, currency switchers, infinite scrolling, sorting product metrics, coupon codes, more payment gateways, wishlists and so much more ...


Make your customers feel safer and increase trust in your online store by adding an SSL certificate. Customers will buy with confidence when they know that their personal information is protected such as credit card numbers and banking details.

eCommerce Websites
Built Your Way



  1. Setup website framework and install eCommerce component.
  2. Create relevant pages like account, checkout, payment, FAQ, T&C and shopping cart.
  3. Create product categories and setup navigation through out website.
  4. Add a few products in category.
  5. Setup and test payment gateways


  1. How to add new products and remove existing ones.
  2. How to process orders on your eCommerce website.
  3. How to edit current products and prices.
  4. Adding new categories and menu items.
  5. Training is done via skype and usually last 1 hour.


We know it takes a little bit of time before you feel comfortable driving your eCommerce website by yourself so we lend a helping hand as and when you need it. If you are on our eCommerce care plan, we include a few small changes a month for free.



  • Setup website framework and install eCommerce component.
  • Create relevant pages like account, checkout, payment, FAQ, T&C and shopping cart.
  • Create product categories and setup navigation through out website.
  • Setup and test payment gateways.


  • Prepare and optimise images for best viewing experience.
  • Add products to the website including all relevant descriptions for each product.
  • Costs for adding products work on a sliding scale, the more products you have the less the costs per item.


We handle the upkeep of the eCommerce website like adjusting pricing, adding and removing products and making textual or image changes to products. Additionally, we host and maintain optimise the website regularly for optimal performance.

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