Why a WordPress Website Steamrolls the Competition


img-3Discover Why a WordPress Website is an absolute must for your online presence.

You’re Probably Thinking To Yourself…

My business is growing slower than I anticipated.

I make just enough to cover my monthly costs, but not enough to go on holiday when ever I want.

I could really do with a constant flow of new clients and a fatter bank balance.

What I really need is a whole lot more exposure for my business to get my name out there.

Well, you wouldn’t be alone in your thoughts, many brands and business’ face this dilemma.

So what’s the golden answer to this question? Keep Reading….

Yes You Guessed It

By now you probably figured out that it’s best to get a website.
This way you could find hundreds of new clients, get rich and retire in the bahamas.
When you’re finished day dreaming reality sets in and the brain starts to churn out a million questions:

  1. What are the costs involved to get a stunning website ?
  2. How long will it take to get it designed ?
  3. Who should I trust and use for this project?

Sounds like a plan, so when do we get started?

After going on the internet and searching for terms like “website design” a sea of results pop up for you to sift through.
The more you sift the more confused you start to feel.

  1. Why are all the prices so different?
  2. Do website designers actually speak a language I understand?
  3. How do I know what package to choose?

Through all the confusion this is what many people do….

Maybe I can try my hand at building my own website. You’re thinking a website for free!(Now there’s a great idea).
You search again and this time for the term “free websites” and find there are plenty of websites that provide service and promise the world.
You design your free website using the free point and click controls.
As you’re designing your own custom website you discover some restrictions.
It’s free BUT… you can only do so much or some features are only reserved for premium users.
What ever happened to free?

At the end of it, all your website doesn’t look nearly as nice as was initially promised.
Free & Easy I think not!

The honest truth is….

You going to have to outlay a little capital to get a decent website presence.
Nothing comes for nothing like all things in life.
If you want something worthwhile you are going to have to invest some time, effort and capital.
The great news is there is a solution that you can start with and build on in time.
A solution that can be eventually developed into a fully fledged website that looks good like what you hoped for when you started out.

Okay! So here’s why a WordPress website rocks

Use wordpress as a starting block, if you absolutely have no funds… start on a great platform that you can later expand and upgrade. Why I suggest a WordPress website as a good platform for building your website?

  1. Always improving and evolving

    WordPress is always being improved, some of the best designers in the world are always contributing and upgrading both free and paid options of WordPress.

  2. Easy to export

    When you decide you need to move your website to your own domain or you have the funds to hire a professional website designer, moving your website easily.

  3. Tons of plugins

    If there is a special element like a a contact form, calender, gallery, adding fancy tables, etc… to add to your wordpress website there is probably a plugin in for that.

  4. Easy to Use

    Update and pages of your wordpress website is almost like using a word program. You can insert pictures, add documents or video. The intuative interface makes it easy for beginners.

  5. Beautiful Free Themes

    With over a 100 free themes, that actually look good, many with option to customise. You are make your website look quite professional, for a service thats free.

  6. Rich Resources for your WordPress Website

    There is tons of resources on the internet if you want to learn to do a bit of day with your WordPress website. Many website’s have step by step tutorials to help you.

  7. Content Management System

    Create your own custom navigation, add as many pages as you want to the website. Make changes whenever you need to at anytime, as long as you have access to the internet.

  8. Affordable Paid Themes

    If you need a little more professionally designed theme or WordPress website. There are many websites which offer really beautiful themes for a fraction of a normal website price.

  9. Improves Exposure

    A WordPress website has great social sharing options and a built in blogging platform. Two key componants that ensure your website gets more exposure and vistors.

In conclusion…

Building your website on the right platform can save you a lot of hassle and headache later. With WordPress being the 18th most visited website out of millions of websites in the world, its hard to ignore they have an outstanding track record.

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